AR Tourism App “En-musubi Smart Navigator”

Discover the charms of the Sanin Region with the En-musubi Smart Navigator!

This one app provides everything from sightseeing and event information to route guidance!

The AR Tourism App “En-musubi Smart Navigator” makes sightseeing in the Sanin Region more enjoyable and more convenient! ♡♡ Look for sightseeing spots in the Nakaumi Sea, Shinji Lake and Mount Daisen areas and get the latest information on facilities and shops.♪
Traveling around the Sanin Region using the “En-musubi Smart Navigator” makes sightseeing more enjoyable!

The App features many convenient functions, including a navigation function (in cooperation with a map application) that displays routes to your destinations, inter-connectivity with Facebook and a function that displays information on the local area using GPS technology.♡♡

Please be sure to use the “En-musubi Smart Navigator” if you are currently sightseeing in the Sanin Region or are planning to.

The “En-musubi Smart Navigator” will direct your sightseeing in the Sanin Region and introduce you to wonderful encounters. ♡♡
Please be sure to download the App and enjoy sightseeing in the Nakaumi Sea, Shinji Lake and Mount Daisen areas.♪

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Tourism Information

The App provides a variety of ways that you can search for souvenir shops and tourist attractions in the Sanin Region, including Izumotaisha Shrine, Matsue Castle, Kiyomizu Temple, Kaike Hot Spring and Mizuki Shigeru Road, and then navigate to your destination.

This App is also perfect for sightseeing while trying to uncover the charms of the Sanin Region as it contains spots and courses recommended by locals, including “recommended courses” and “must-see attractions” in each area, and it also displays “rankings” from App users!

The App is very convenient as it also allows you to view detailed information on destinations (such as “highlights”,“locations”,“access methods”,“up-to-date information” and more).

AR Viewer

Using the AR Viewer, which makes use of GPS technology, you can view information on your current surroundings by just holding your camera up to the city. With that simple gesture, you can learn more about the vicinity, and you might become even fonder of the area.♡ You might also find out about spots and tips you didn't know about!

In “walking mode”, you can view information about a 2km area around your current location, and in “driving mode”, it extends out to 20km.

Photo Frame

We provide original photo frames unique to the local area.♪

Take photos to commemorate your trip using a variety of photo frames, including frames featuring “Shimanekko,” a mascot that is also popular in the Yuru-chara Grand Prix, as well as frames arranged with other local mascots and wonderful scenes from the Sanin Region.♪

Taking a picture inside Shimanekko's heart frame might bring you good luck!

Events and up-to-date information

We provide up-to-date information on restaurants and souvenir shop sales, etc. as well as information on events being held in each area.♡


You can register the tourist spots and shops you want to visit as favorites.
Researching and registering your “favorites” before your trip is sure to be useful.♪

Disaster prevention information and
maps to evacuation centers

Just to be safe, we have made arrangements so that you can view “directions to evacuation centers” and “disaster prevention information,” so please relax and enjoy sightseeing. As they say, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

We recommend the “En-musubi Smart Navigator” for the following types of people:

  • Those visiting the Sanin Region for the first time.
    (The App is packed with information on sightseeing spots and shops in the Sanin Region.)
  • Those who want to plan their trip beforehand.
    (Making good use of the “favorites” function makes things convenient.)
  • Those who wish to learn more about the Sanin Region.
    (Using the En-musubi Smart Navigator will allow you to encounter many of the charms of the Sanin Region.)
  • Those with a poor sense of direction who are worried about getting lost.
    (Using the navigation function, which works in cooperation with a map application, will provide a sense of security.)
  • Those who want to convey the merits of the Sanin Region to their friends.
    (The App works in connection with Facebook, so it's easy to share information.)
  • Those looking for some serendipity.
    (Using the “En-musubi Smart Navigator” is sure to help you have encounters.♡)

How to use
“En-musubi Smart Navigator”(Example)

Search for facilities and shops you wish to see and visit

The App displays maps of the area around your current location and lists organized by a variety of categories, such as “tourism,” “restaurants,” “recreation,” “hot springs,” “souvenirs” and more. Please use these to search for locations you wish to visit and information you wish to learn.

View details about facilities
and shops

The App displays detailed information, including facilities overviews, opening hours, holidays, contact information, access and more. In addition, you can view facility homepages and make phone calls directly through the App, and you can even get directions in cooperation with a map application.

  • It is useful to register facilities and shops as “favorites” beforehand.
  • Please also tap the “Like” button, which is linked to Facebook!

Make your way to facilities and shops using the navigation function!

You can get directions in cooperation with a map application by tapping the “location” button in the detailed information on facilities and shops. You can find out about means of transportation and travel times, and arrive at your destinations without problems.

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Not usable on some devices.