En-musubi Smart Navigator FREE Wi-Fi

The En-musubi Smart Navigator FREE Wi-Fi is a public wireless LAN service usable at Wi-Fi installation sites in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture.

Anyone can connect to the Internet through a simple usage procedure.
You can instantly view the information you want on Shimane Prefecture using your smartphone, tablet device or PC.

And you can use the service with peace of mind because it is naturally free of charge.

Look for “FREE Wi-Fi” stickers to find locations where it is usable.

*Communication fees incurred in establishing the Wi-Fi connection shall be borne by the user.

How to Use FREE Wi-Fi

Service is available at FREE Wi-Fi installation sites.

*Each login allows three hours of usage. (Unlimited logins) If the three hour limit is exceeded, the service is usable again by re-authorizing.

You can connect with one tap using the En-musubi Smart Navigator!!

1.Select 135_Enmusubi_Matsue_WiFi on the Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Settings Screen.

2.Open the En-musubi Smart Navigator App, and tap “FREE Wi-Fi” authorization in the support menu.

3.Just tap the “Agree to the Terms of Use and Connect” button!

4.Now you’re connected to FREE Wi-Fi and you can use the Internet.

Locations with FREE Wi-Fi

<Matsue Castle・Tonomachi Area>

  • Matsue Castle Tower
  • Matsue Castle Admission Ticket Window
  • Matsue Castle Tower Reception
  • Honmaru Area
  • Kounkaku Palace
  • Resting Place Near Ticket Counter
  • Buratto Matsue Tourist Information Center
  • Umadamari Area
  • Otemae Parking Lot
  • Horikawa Sightseeing Boat Otemae Square pier
  • Entrance Surrounds
  • Matsue History Museum
  • Karakoro Art Studio

<Kyomise&Chamachi Shopping Street Area>

  • ShiRu-Be
  • System Atelier blueOmega
  • Tableware Moriwaki

<Shiomi Nawate Street>

  • Samurai Residence
  • Kamiyo Soba Restaurant
  • Matsue Horikawa Microbrewery
  • Horikawa Sightseeing Boat Freai Square pier
  • Matsue Gokoro

<Matsue Station Area>

  • Matsue International Tourism Information Office
  • Matsue Station Bus Station 1
  • Matsue Station Bus Station 7
  • Matsue Station Bus Station 9
  • Matsue Machidukuri-juku
  • Isemiya Vision
  • Imagine Coffee
  • Unity real estate

<Yaegaki Area>

  • En-musubi Yaegaki Yae

<Tamatsukuri Onsen Area>

  • Tamatsukuri Onsen Station
  • Himegami Square
  • Yori Sou
  • Osusowake Cafe


  • Matsue Vogel Park
  • Shijimi Clam Center
  • Lake Shinji Sunset Spot
  • Lake Line Bus
    Wi-Fi available on board.(Matsue City Traffic Office)
  • San-in Godo Bank Sky Floor
  • Mihokan Honkan

Other free Wi-Fi spots

Other spots in Matsue City where you can use free Wi-Fi.

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